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The spread and cut planning tool that saves you time and money.

AccuPlan helps you boost productivity and profits.

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undefinedWith AccuPlan™ we’ve added a whole new dimension to our industry-leading software. AccuPlan is a powerful spread and cut planning tool that boosts production efficiencies and bottom line performance by leveraging existing libraries and databases and automating the marker planning process.

Reduce production costs.
By automating your planning process, AccuPlan downloads work orders from the ERP system of your choice, importing cut work orders and streamlining the entire process all the way from calculating marking and spreading solutions to submitting cut files and cut tickets to the cutting room, significantly reducing operational costs and improving productivity.

Respond quickly to changing demands.
By automatically calculating the materials required for each work order, allowing you to process multiple orders simultaneously and generating reports based on cost, cut plan results and fabric consumption, AccuPlan allows you to adjust to changing market trends and customer demands.

Boost quality and profits.
AccuPlan provides savings on labor, materials and production time, which help you produce more and better garments in less time and increase your ROI and short- and long-term profits.