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What's New in the AccuMark Platform

The world's most intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making, and production planning software.

AccuMark 12, the ultimate digital toolkit driving the digital design revolution.

AccuMark 12

  • Multi-dimensional grading allows users to assign up to 4-grade rule tables to pieces for an easier alternative to alterations.
  • Program macros for repetitive pattern making tasks in PDS to make repetitive changes in a fraction of the time.
  • Drag and drop images onto patterns in PDS making image replacement quick and easy.
  • Apply seam allowance on internal cutouts and swap the seam along with perimeter seam.
  • Decide whether to display measurements in centimeters or millimeters when using metric notation.
  • Pass more information along in cut data with QR Codes.
  • Search models based on production status in the Model Form.
  • Customize Piece, Model and Marker reports to get the data you need.

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AccuMark 3D 12

  • Get a higher level of realism with added support for optical and surface texture effects from Vizoo and X-Rite scanners.
  • Improved integration of the industry-leading Avametric Fabric Simulation Engine.
  • Assess and control fit with a new live drag feature that allows you to tug on a garment.
  • Additional avatars help improve speed and personalization.
  • Cut weeks off development cycles with a hi-resolution photorealistic prototyping service.

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AccuPlan 12

  • Manual cut plan interaction offers smarter and faster ways to interact with the auto cut. planning, making it easier to obtain desired results.
  • Personalize reports with easy user-friendly tools.
  • Generate markers when spreading in pairs while maintaining piece sharing from cut planning to marker making.
  • Addition of fabric properties in the cut plan allows for more accurate fabric consumption.
  • Improved calculations for over/under production give you more control over the expected result.
  • Improve fabric consumption with a pre-estimate best usage of roll leftovers.

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