Adrian Jules digitalise son flux de travail avec la technologie « end-to-end » de Gerber

Une couturière de luxe combine technologie 3D innovante et tradition

lundi, mai 18, 2020 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, Découpe Automatisé, CAO, Imbrication, Logiciels

Adrian Jules Ltd, a transformé son entreprise en profondeur grâce à un partenariat poussé avec Gerber Technology, en numérisant l'ensemble de leur processus, de la conception à la coupe, en intégrant les logiciels de CAO AccuMark™ 2D et 3D, et de placement automatique AccuNest™ de Gerber Technology, ainsi que le découpeur monopli GERBERcutter® Z1, pour une production optimlisée de vêtements sur mesure.

Gerber Revolutionizes 3D Workflow with New February 2020 Release of AccuMark®

Empowering their customers for the digital FashionTech supply chain.

jeudi, février 27, 2020 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, CAO, Imbrication, Logiciels

Gerber is proud to announce the February 2020 release of their robust software platform, AccuMark®, AccuMark 3D, AccuNest™ and AccuPlan™, which continues to revolutionize the industry by digitizing the supply chain from 3D design right through production, making product development and production even faster, more efficient and sustainable.

Gerber Innovates to Meet Personalization and the Need for Speed Challenges with AccuMark® Version 12 Launch

AccuMark Integrates Data from Design Through Manufacturing

mardi, février 12, 2019 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, CAO, Logiciels

Personalization, convenience and value: online and offline shoppers want it all. They expect brands and retailers to understand their needs and deliver new styles and trends faster than ever before. “To survive and more importantly thrive in today’s markets, fashion players need to improve their agility, speed and connectivity,” said Mary McFadden, VP of CAD Product Management, Gerber Technology. “Our Version 12 AccuMark Platform release delivers on these demands from product design and development to 3D sampling through optimized production planning and manufacturing.”

Miquel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A. Increases Productivity by 30% with Gerber Technology’s Integrated Design to Production Digital Solutions

mercredi, mai 23, 2018 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, Découpe Automatisé, Empointage Automatique, CAO, Atelier de découpe, Logiciels

Productivity has the ability to make or break a fashion company when they are working toward addressing consumer trends. Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes, located in Barcelos, Portugal, an important center for textile and apparel manufacturing, has been working with Gerber Technology since it was founded.

Gerber Technology Solidifies its Market Leadership by Empowering Digitally Connected Supply Chains Critical in an On-Demand World

Highlights History of Data Integration, Addressing Industry 4.0 and Beyond at Texprocess Americas

mardi, mai 22, 2018 Catégories: Mode et Habillement, Découpe Automatisé, Empointage Automatique, CAO, Atelier de découpe, PLM, Logiciels

Big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, or Industry 4.0, they are the buzzwords in news headlines and industry forums every day and all around the world. At their core these trends are all focused on data integration and finding ways to effectively streamline operations to address an ever increasing on-demand world. “The simple fact is, no matter what buzzword you use, Gerber has been the first to actively support our customers in their pursuit of Industry 4.0 and the proof is in the actual working micro-factory we are displaying on the show floor with our partners,” said Scott Schinlever, president & chief operating officer, Automation Solutions at Gerber Technology.