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Develop products quickly with an integrated approach to made-to-order and mass production.

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Today’s consumers don’t buy furniture the same way the generations before them did, requiring manufacturers to digitally transform their supply chains. From customized to small batch to mass production, Gerber’s fully integrated, end-to-end solution connects the supply chain from CAD to cut room, providing manufacturers with the agility, flexibility and transparency they need to successfully conquer consumer demands and market challenges.

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Over the last several years, more people are moving out of cities and into suburbs, causing the demand for furniture to increase rapidly. Additionally, with COVID-19, many people were forced to work from home which caused demand to skyrocket even further when they looked to create home offices. With many brick and mortar stores closed, furniture companies also face the challenge of eCommerce. As the industry enters a new era and adapts to a new reality, Gerber continues to have the technology, support and expertise manufacturers need to digitally transform and optimize their business for success.

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Conquer every challenge with a digitally-integrated supply chain.

For over 50 years, Gerber has helped their customers transform for the future and is here to partner with you to help you transform for today’s challenges. Over the last year, Gerber has heavily invested in their end-to-end digital solutions, including PLM, 2D pattern making, and IoT-enabled Smart Machines that will help you digitalize your supply chain and empower you to:

  • Access and share data virtually, enabling product development regardless of whether you’re working remotely or in the office.
  • Get up and running quickly with an easy to implement and use PLM solution, YuniquePLM Fast Start, designed for businesses from start-up to well-established.
  • Streamline product development with error-free data integration between PLM and 2D pattern making.
  • Connect your data seamlessly from CAD to the cut room.

New Era of Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture Product Development

Transform product development into a fast and efficient process.

Whether developing made-to-order products or mass producing, Gerber’s end-to-end solution for the furniture industry connects the supply chain from design to cut room, ensuring you’re able to deliver quality products to market faster than ever before. With the connected solution, manufacturers can quickly develop patterns and optimize the cutting process with industry-leading CAD and cut planning software.

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Nesting Furniture Patterns

Get the quality cut parts you need.

Today’s consumers want quality furniture pieces that can be delivered in a relatively short amount of time, which means companies have no time for mistakes. Gerber’s complete design, nesting and cut planning software for flexible materials, CutWorks®, and automated nesting solution, AccuNest™, help optimize data and ensure you get the right cut the first time, empowering you to deliver high quality products to market on time and on budget.

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Made-to-Order Furniture

Develop eye-catching, made-to-order pieces.

As the demand for customized furniture continues to grow, it’s critical for furniture companies to have an automated and streamlined process that will enable them to easily deliver on customer requests. By leveraging Gerber’s AutoMatch™ and ContourVision™, manufacturers can easily scan, print and cut custom designs. Gerber’s IoT-enabled hardware solutions also integrate with several industry-leading digital printers for a truly seamless print-to-cut process.

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Working with leather has never been easier.

The Gerber Taurus™ II static leather cutting system transforms the development of leather products by using advanced software to capture hide shape and flaw grades in a matter of seconds. The automated system not only makes developing leather products a breeze but it also boosts productivity, improves material utilization and greatly improves cut speed.

Streamline leather making

Furniture Mass Production Workflow

From design to develop to produce, seamlessly.

Speed and quality are key factors to building a furniture empire and with Gerber’s end-to-end solution, you can quickly develop quality, long-lasting products in just a matter of days and weeks. Gerber’s end-to-end solution is a mass production powerhouse that is designed to keep you connected. With easy-to-use, AI Smart Machines, you’re able to improve cut quality, reduce labor and material costs, eliminate costly mistakes and maximize throughput.

Digitize mass production


Virtek Laser for Furniture

Assemble cut parts with maximum precision.

Assembly is crucial for developing high-quality, perfectly finished products. With Virtek’s laser positioning system, you’re able to ensure that cut parts are accurately placed, reducing mistakes and improving overall efficiency. Virtek’s flexible solutions are specifically designed to improve productivity and quality at a lower cost by eliminating expensive templates, minimizing costly errors and reducing time to market. Virtek’s solutions have saved customers up to 60%.

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Affordable meets quality with Best Home Furnishings.

Best Home Furnishings, one of the largest furniture companies in the world, knows how important it is to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible. With Gerber’s end-to-end solution, Best Home Furnishings is able to accelerate time to market, minimize costs and keep their customers satisfied.

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Gerber Remote Fix First

Maximize uptime with powerful IoT solutions.

With Gerber’s wide variety of IoT support solutions, you can be sure downtime doesn’t get in the way of your production. Gerber offers several service contracts to ensure you have the support you need to maximize your performance. Additionally, Gerber’s powerful hardware solutions are equipped with the most advanced remote support technology, GERBERconnect™, to ensure your system is always running at optimum performance. With GERBERconnect, manufacturers are able to make data-driven decisions to optimize their production and improve efficiency.

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Gerber Consulting Services

A team of experts supporting you every step of the way.    

Whether you need help digitally transforming your business, optimizing your current process, or getting trained on the latest technology, Gerber’s Consulting Services is here to help. Through a team of knowledgeable experts who have years of industry experience, you’ll discover how to best incorporate technology into your current workflow and gain valuable insights into how you can further streamline your process so that you can keep with the ever changing consumer trends and market challenges.

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Maximize your investment by guaranteeing that you get the support you need when you need it. 

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Find the Gerber Certified parts and consumables you need to run at peak performance.

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