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GERBERplotter SP Series

High-speed plotters to plot and cut pattern pieces

The GERBERplotter SP 130: Plot How You Want, When You Want

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The GERBERplotter™ SP 130 is a high-speed and accurate plotter that will cut pattern pieces right the first time, lowering your production costs. Specifically designed for plotting and cutting pattern pieces, the SP 130 is ideal for design centers and in-house design departments. SP Series plotters are used to create, check, or revise pattern pieces along with plotting component pieces and mini markers. These plotters are compatible with AccuMark® and WinPlot systems. The GERBERplotter SP 130 ships with WinPlot software. 

Reduce costs.
GERBERplotter SP Series plotters plot and cut quickly, streamlining design and reducing costs.

Maximize efficiency.
GERBERplotter SP Series plotters are compatible with Gerber’s AccuMark CAD software.

Save floor space.
GERBERplotter SP Series plotters are designed to fit in small spaces, saving valuable floor space.