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Take control of your product development process with an easy to use, highly graphical product lifecycle management solution.

Now you can manage images, tech packs, quotations, bids, pre-concept lines and materials and organize and track samples and production in one easy-to-use system designed specifically for the furniture industry.

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A single repository of product data.
undefinedYuniquePLM® is a single-source database that helps you control, manage and track changes, using time and action calendars, to maintain one version of the truth for everyone involved in the product development process.

Easy to use.
YuniquePLM is the industry’s benchmark for ease of use and end user adoption. It was developed to work the way you do. Discover what many of the world’s leading brands already know – YuniquePLM delivers on its promises to speed products to market and improve margins.

Collaborate with global partners.
With YuniquePLM you can track changes, manage workflows, using time and action calendars, and generate alerts to manage exceptions.