Fashion Students Share Their Future-Focused Design Process Through Social Media

Wednesday, May 10, 2017Categories: Apparel/Fashion, Blog, CAD, PLM

undefinedThe ideation 2017 FashionTech Competition is underway, and students have allowed the outside world to join their design journey and better understand their process by using #ideationGT on Twitter and Instagram. Finalists will present their designs during a fashion show in November at ideation, the premier software conference dedicated to fashion and retail professionals who rely on CAD and PLM solutions from Gerber Technology to get products to market faster, minimize costs and ensure quality.

There are currently 40 students participating in the competition, all pursuing a degree in Fashion. They have been challenged to incorporate technology as the main focus of the design and development process.  This can encompass a wide array of ideas and processes, and anything that the student envisions is encouraged, as long as the design is wearable. Gerber is providing minimal guidelines in hopes that students will push the limits.

undefined“We are looking for genuine submissions that come straight from the heart,” said Elizabeth King, VP, Digital Solutions Community and Ecosystem at Gerber Technology. “We did not want to squelch the student’s creativity with too many rules. The sky is the limit.”

In previous years, the ideation FashionTech competition asked students to use the past as inspiration, and to incorporate this into their final vision. This year, Gerber urges participants to look into the future, using technology at the forefront of everything. For example, tailoring a suit using Kevlar, converting the human heartbeat into wearable data, transforming architecture into art-wear, or using virtual reality design techniques to visualize concepts in 3D. The ideas are endless.

undefinedAt this point, students have finished illustrations of their concepts, and turned in first drafts of their AccuMark® data. Most are working on the garments themselves now and should be well on their way for their next milestone, developing tech packs in YuniquePLM®.

After submissions are judged by industry professionals, Gerber Technology will announce the finalists for the competition in August. Student finalists will see their garments walk the runway, and will experience the fashion industry from an entirely new perspective. Meanwhile check out their progress by searching #ideationgt on Instagram and Twitter.