The Future is Personalized

Monday, April 24, 2017Categories: Apparel/Fashion, Blog, CAD, Software

Gerber Technology’s ideation Roadshow has just wrapped up in New York City and in San Francisco. This is a traveling technology showcase where attendees discovered how they can embody a fashion-forward persona, and how to compete in the digital world. Three trends that were widely discussed at both Roadshows were mass customization, personalization and 3D technology and how these are integrated.

Attendees acknowledged that the industry has been slow to change its workflows and adopt 3D technology, however early users have seen remarkable improvement in accuracy and speed to market. In fact, based on an MIT study, companies that have digitally transformed are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors.  For example, from a user perspective, there is immense value in showing a pattern virtually stitched on a form first. This allows you to differentiate between actual pattern problems, and problems that may, in fact, be sewing problems. 3D technology can also help the development cycle by giving the option for enhanced collaboration between the designer and the customer. For fashion companies, that directly translates to higher productivity and savings to the bottom line.

Gerber’s AccuMark® 3D brings a whole new level of efficiency to design departments by combining the latest in 3D rendering technology with powerful, proven pattern production software. The ability to share designs virtually can connect multiple teams, technologies and geographies in seconds. 

3D simulation helps get the customer exactly what they want in a sustainable manner. There are many extra steps that normally would take place within the production cycle that can now be cut out. Instead of sending a garment back and forth multiple times between designer and customer in order to achieve the right size and fit, 3D simulation allows the clothing to be fitted to an exact mold of their body. Full customization, made possible through 3D technology, sustainably.

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