Tunisia: the UK’s nearshore partner for professional clothing manufacturing. An essential webinar by OCO Global, CEPEX Tunisia and the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®)

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Milton Keynes, UK

Richard Jessup, Sales Director for direct markets and Francisco Aguiar, Sales Director for indirect markets for Gerber Technology both excited to join the panel on the upcoming webinar, ‘Tunisia: the UK’s nearshore partner for professional clothing manufacturing’ with OCO Global, CEXPEX Tunisia and the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) to present the Tunisian textile industry as an opportunity to nearshore manufacturing of workwear, corporatewear and PPE for more resilient, high-quality supply chains. 

On 27th January 2021 at 10:00 am London Time, Colin McCullagh, Director of OCO Global, a world-renowned trade and investment consultancy working alongside the British Government (FCDO and DIT), will host CEPEX Tunisia, the Tunisian Textiles Federation and Tunisian workwear manufacturers to explore the opportunities that the country’s textile sector has to offer with its established infrastructure and talented workforce. 

OCO Global is working with the British Embassy in Tunis to promote the Buy Tunisian Textiles project and offers a support network for workwear suppliers, to assist in the relocation of manufacturing professional clothing to the UK’s new nearshore partner. This work is implemented through the North Africa Technical Assistance Facility (NATAF), which is funded by the FCDO and managed by Tetra Tech International Development. Many French, Italian and German companies currently work with Tunisian textile manufacturers and the UK Government supports this initiative to strengthen ties between the UK and Tunisia. 

Gerber Technology will be participating in this webinar, ‘Tunisia: the UK’s nearshore partner for professional clothing manufacturing’ to offer its support in assisting the Tunisian textile companies to manufacture workwear, corporatewear and PPE up to the regulatory standards required in the UK and Europe. 

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the lack of resilience in textile supply chains in times of uncertainty and restrictive border controls. This timely webinar, promoting the nearshoring benefits of manufacturing closer to home, provides nearshore solutions and more local partnerships that can help workwear suppliers provide reliable quality at reasonable costs. 

Gerber Technology has an enriching and innovative 50+ year history in the textile manufacturing industry. Gerber supports companies around the world, including in Tunisia, to optimise their manufacturing processes by utilising technology for smarter, more efficient solutions, promoting end-to-end efficiency. 

Gerber Technology will be joining the likes of Hunter Apparel in participating in this exclusive, free webinar to illuminate essential UK guidelines and regulations for Tunisian manufacturers in this exciting opportunity. Gerber will be offering expert support and regulatory advice to answer queries, collaborating with OCO Global and PCIAW® to analyse the strategic benefits of nearshoring manufacturing in Tunisia. 

Yvette Ashby, Founder and CEO of PCIAW® says: “We have had the pleasure of working with Cepex and the Tunisian government for many years and we are looking forward to re-establishing the relationship. Tunisia has amazing infrastructure and people who have a talent and passion for textiles”. 

Now Brexit is a reality and with sustainability in mind, businesses are apt to prepare contingencies and Tunisia could well be the solution to the challenges that they face. The textile sector is one of the largest employers in Tunisia, with over 161,000 workers and around 1600 companies ready for investment and business opportunity.


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