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Gerber MCT Cutter Digital Finishing Solution

The most versatile solution on the market.

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Ease of use.
The Gerber MCT Cutter digital finishing system is a versatile, accurate, easy-to-use, and robust flatbed cutting table featuring a variety of sizes, a universal tool head with 11 interchangeable tools and high-powered laser, and industry-leading print to cut capabilities. 

undefinedMaximum throughput.
Maximize productivity by utilizing the complete line of tooling for all your cutting and finishing needs. With automation options, high-speed tooling, and quick & easy changeover from routing to laser to blades, this all-in-one solution provides unsurpassed productivity.  

Dependable, accurate vision system.
Each system comes equipped with the industry’s newest, most user-friendly vision-guided software that allows for more accurate and efficient cutting. TigerVision™ combines vision, editing, and machine control features in a simple, intuitive and modern application, allowing full operation of the cutting system from a single user interface with minimal training required.

Dynamic vacuum zone system.
With up to 6 zones on a 1.6 m table and 12 zones on a 3.2 m table, hold down large or small materials quickly and easily with the switch-controlled hold-down system. By using individual vacuum controls for each zone, the unique Gerber MCT Cutter vacuum system greatly reduces the need for masking open areas of the table.

Patent-pending dual conveyor laser belt.
Interchangeable, patent-pending dual conveyor laser belt provides for automated transport for wide format graphics through the complete cutting process. The new and improved design allows an increased belt life and reduced overall weight resulting in an even easier changeover.

Standard & Custom Sizing.
We offer systems in various sizes ranging from standard to completely custom.

Standard Optional

1.6 m (63 in.) x 3.2 m (126 in.)  
1.6 m (63 in.) x 4.8 m (189 in.)
2.2 m (86.6 in.) x 3.2 m (126 in.)
3.2 m (126 in.) x 1.6 m (63 in.)
3.2 m (126 in.) x 3.2 m (126 in.)
3.2 m (126 in.) x 4.8 m (189 in.)

1.6 m (63 in.) x 3.2 m (126 in.)
3.2 m (126 in.) x 3.2 m (126 in.)
3.2 m (126 in.) x 4.8 m (189 in.)

Automated Workflow.
Automate your workflow even further with automation features and upgrades for maximum productivity. Gerber MCT Automated Roll Feeder for rolled substrates such as textile and vinyl, and various software features such as QR code automation, create a seamless production workflow.

Manufactured in the United States.
The Gerber MCT Cutter is designed, manufactured and supported in the USA and comes with the support and expertise to keep up with how you work. With manufacturing in the USA using non-proprietary parts, we minimize the lead time for service and keep your production up and running.