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Gerber MCT Automated Roll Feeder

Manage rolled materials with ease.

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The Automated Roll Feeder for the Gerber MCT Cutter provides a more efficient way to handle heavy rolls of textiles and rolled substrates. Through motorization and integration of roll speed with conveyor movement, the roll-off system provides an easy way to unroll fabric smoothly onto the table without stretch or puckering.

Ease of use.
An easy-to-use automated spreader that assures material rolls weighing up to 330 lb. (150 kg) are smoothly placed onto the cutting table without stretch or puckering.

Max throughput.
Easy to load and unwind fabric for cutting, accurately matched to the speed of the conveyor for maximum throughput. The automated roll feeder reduces stretch and puckering that may cause improper register mark reading and cut path misalignment to manage the cutting process without impacting accuracy.

The most efficient cutting of textiles.
Utilizing the automated roll feeder improves the layout of the fabric allowing the camera to find registration marks quickly and easily and reducing the amount of labor necessary to manage the cutting process. If a fabric cannot be cut by laser, the driven rotary tool can be utilized to decrease the problems with many textiles.