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Dependable & Accurate Vision-Guided Software.

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A vision guided, machine front end and graphical user interface in the graphics industry for accurately cutting of printed material on a large format flatbed cutter.

Ease of Use.
TigerVision™ is the brain behind the Gerber MCT Cutter system. It offers an intuitive, singular interface that guides you through every step of the cutting process, from start to finished product. TigerVision includes specialized tools for accurate vision registration, last-minute editing, selecting and customizing material profiles and more. Seamlessly finish “production-ready” files with the “all-in-one” design to print to CUT workflow.

Maximum throughput.
TigerVision is the first truly new vision system for “cut to print” since 1999 and is continuously being developed by the same team that invented digital finishing. TigerVision imports commonly used CAD and graphics formats and is compatible with popular third party RIPs and printers. Use preset or customized output libraries to cut commonly used materials without manually re-entering settings.

Key features.
TigerVision combines vision, editing, and machine control features in a single, intuitive, and modern application, allowing full operation of the cutting system from a single user interface with minimal training required. Features such as table mapping, registration, QR code automation, and a material library of optimal tool settings make TigerVision the powerful, compatible, and intuitive software it is. New features include repeated modules, tandem production and advanced registration recognition.

Select a material profile to automatically apply the optimal tool settings to your imported file.
Table Map
Table Map
Cut to a precise depth anywhere on the table. Minor imperfections are measured and compensated automatically.
Locate any indicator dot to start a production. Displayed print image is a visual aid for quickly determining proper job orientation.


TigerPACK™ for Packaging & POP

Easy-to-use and low-cost parametric modeling solution that runs circles around the industry’s most used software. Not only are full libraries provided for boxes, packaging, and POP, but new and unique designs may be added at no charge, or for small costs if they are to be proprietary to the customer. Key features also include 3D presentation and integration with Adobe Illustrator for 3D visualization at every step of the design process. Mac & PC compatible.

Seamless presentation and integration with Adobe® Illustrator®.
3D visualization at every step of the design process.


Tilia Griffin for Nesting

A powerful, automatic layout solution for wide format printers. It supports a modern, ultra-responsive interface, beautiful visuals, and intuitive design. Under the hood, Griffin leverages the blazing fast Phoenix nesting engine to create true-shape tightly nested layouts, helping drive down substrate costs and increase throughput. A key advantage of Griffin is its RIP/Printer neutrality. It is designed to work well with virtually all presses. Any print shop creating layouts manually and struggling to meet deadlines or failing to maximize substrate usage will benefit immediately from Griffin. With it’s simple design, little to no training is needed to get up and running.

CUT-Estimator for Accurate Estimation

Make finishing your profit center - CUT-Estimator ensures you precise quotes and information on work hours for all of your digital finishing projects in a matter of minutes. Cut costs with CUT-Estimator and profit from accurate estimations and better equipment utilization on every project. All job tickets are generated as PDF files - easy to use on-screen, as prints or as a digital paper trail with other project data.